Structural Drying

All restoration services for water damage Chicago property owners suffer have one common objective: dry the structure as quickly as possible. However, structural drying has a science behind it — one that many companies never take the time to master. However, at Quality Water Damage Restoration Chicago, our technicians train all year-round in a varied selection of science-based drying techniques to be certain that we utilize the proper equipment and employ the appropriate methods to dry your property faster than any other company in the area anytime you call us for structural drying and water damage restoration in Chicago.
If your commercial or home property has experienced water damage, it is crucial to contact us as soon as possible. Water damage may lead to a variety of other problems, including mold growth, if left unaddressed. The sooner our team can inspect the damage at your property and get started with the process of structural drying the better for everyone.

In order to be successful, the multi-step process of structural drying demands a multi-faceted, thorough approach.  Actually, there are a variety of distinct methods of structural drying; the proper solution for your property depends on numerous factors, that include the size of your property and the extent of the damage.

Generally, our process includes the following:
Comprehensive on-site evaluation of the damage
·        Preparation of water damage restoration plan
·        Full removal of all excess standing water
·        Elimination of any remaining moisture
·        Dehumidification (confiscation of moisture from the air)
·        Temperature control/maintenance

Quality Water Damage Restoration Chicago teams arrive with the necessary tools and meters to identify the extent and type of water damage that has happened in order to pinpoint the fastest and best structural drying method for your particular emergency.
As a leader among water restoration companies Chicago property owners trust, our teams have literally dried thousands of structural water damages, ranging from hurricane disasters to standard house floods, from detention facilities to high rises. Quality Water Damage Restoration Chicago provides structural drying services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to any commercial or residential property.