Why You Need Professional Water Damage Restoration 

Water damage restoration Chicago and water mitigation are two key procedures that you should look to carry out as soon as you can. However, most people don’t understand that there are differences between these two services. A lot of people would come to the conclusion that water mitigation and water damage restoration are the same […]
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It is important to act quickly in order to clean up and restore your property when water damage occurs in your home resulting from a flood or other natural disaster. But, although certain service providers have a “one size fits all” approach to property damage, our Chicago restoration company offers an approach that is tailored […]
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Although homeowners in the US experience many situations involving water damage, commercial buildings are just as likely to have water damage Chicago property owners dread.  Actually, the American Housing Survey of the U.S Census conducted a survey and the resulting data found that 85% of 100 U.S. office buildings have water damage and 45% currently […]
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mold under wallpaper caused by water damage

Water Damage: A Look at the Short- and Long-Term Consequences

Water damage from a flood is a disastrous occurrence for any homeowner to experience. Flooding inside your house is never something you want to deal with, whether it is caused by a catastrophic event or by drainage issues. It will not only be inconvenient, but it may also result in severe and pricey consequences. In […]
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